Monday, March 14, 2011

Cat walks 150km to return to owner

Molly the moggy has probably used up at least one of her nine lives during a remarkable four-month trek home.

The New Zealand cat has defied the odds to travel 150 kilometres to be with her owner - Mary-Lee Hight - after disappearing while on a family holiday to the beach at Pauanui in New Zealand's north island last October.

In what was surely an astonishing feat of navigation, Molly crossed a river and somehow found her way back to the home in Hamilton she had lived in for only three weeks.

A stunned Hight was reunited with Molly on Sunday, when she saw her on top of the family's garage roof.

Although a little skinnier the eight-year-old Molly was none-the-worse for her four-month adventure.

"She has always been a good hunter so I knew she would be able to catch birds and mice and that sort of thing," Hight said.

"Her coat is very shiny and in good condition. Her eyes are very bright and she's got no marks on her at all," she said.

Hight thinks the greater mystery was how her little black cat found its way back to the house, wearing no ID tags that could have allowed a friendly stranger to assist her.

"She must follow her own scent from the house. It is incredible," Hight said.

Original Source : NineNews on March 1, 2007

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