Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Daredevil Charlie ignores cat-flap and climbs two-storey wall to get home

Any old cat can shin up a tree. But this brave moggy regularly takes his nine lives in his paws and climbs 13ft up the wall of a block of flats to his owner's home on the first floor.

Seven-year-old Charlie hit on the idea after growing tired of having to wait outside the shared front door to the block for someone to let him back in after he has been allowed out for some air.

Instead, he heads for the rear of the building where only a roughcast wall stands between him and the balcony of his owner's flat.

Cat-like cunning: Charlie scales the high walls

Sequence Photos of Charlie climbs a wall to gain entry

Using his front claws to grip and his hind legs for leverage, Charlie climbs up to the balcony then walks to the door of the flat and miaows until it is opened.

The feat has earned him the nickname Spider-cat

Within a whisker of the top : Charlie is greeted by his pal

Charlie belongs to Hannah Smith, of Denny, Falkirk, who is pictured with him. Although she has two other cats, neither shares Charlie's sense of adventure and are content to peer down at him as he scales the wall.

'I got Charlie as a wee kitten and out of the litter he was the one that looked most mischievous and I liked that about him,' she said.

'He's certainly lived up to his reputation. I think it is totally incredible how Charlie is able to climb up a roughcast wall.'

Beth Skillings, clinical veterinary officer for the charity Cats Protection, said: 'Charlie seems to have an impressive ability to climb.

'Whilst most cats are able to shimmy up trees, to escape danger or find a safe resting place, it's unusual to see a cat scaling such a high wall. He must have very strong claws.'

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