Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brownie the cat survives 13cm arrow attack

- Cat shot with 13cm arrow 
- Remained in head for three days 
- Expected to make full recovery 

A CAT has miraculously survived being shot in the head with a 13cm arrow which remained lodged in his head for days.

Even more remarkable, the four-year-old cat was not found for three days before he was rushed to a vet for treatment.

Brownie, the mutilated ginger moggie, is believed to have been attacked near his US home he shared with his 84-year-old male owner.

Vets were horrified when they saw the injuries inflicted which saw the arrow miss his right eye by millimetres.

Brownie's story has now caused international outrage, with police offering a reward for any information that leads to the culprit's arrest.

Vets say they are amazed that Brownie is likely to make a full recovery.

Sarah Hayes, CEO of Monroe County Humane Association, said she did not have words to describe the incident.

"I am sorry to say this is one of the worst attacks I have seen on an animal but all too common," she said.

"When the vets saw Brownie they did not think he would survive, but luckily the arrow had not passed through the brain.

"We have put up a reward of $1350 for information to catch the people that did this."

Ms Hayes said she hopes police find the offender.

"His owner is an 84-year-old man and Brownie is his only companion, he is obviously very upset by this attack.

"You cannot, in this society, abuse animals like this and get away with it."

Brownie is now being nursed to recovery by one of the animal welfare officers who found him while his owner undergoes a routine hospital operation.

By staff writers Herald Sun : September 07, 2009

  • From:news.comSeptember 07, 2009
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    ellie said...

    Brownie was one lucky kitty to survive this! Some two legs can be so mean :(

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