Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cat in a jar

Ksyusha- a young Himalayan Cat - has been pictured in a variety of poses, including sat in the washing machine and under the kitchen table. 

The playful female kitten started squeezing itself into jars from when it was a few weeks old. 

Owner Yuriy Korotun, 37, who lives in Moscow, said: 'She was a special kitten from the beginning- always very playful. 

'I came into the kitchen one day to find her in the jar. I couldn't believe my eyes.' She likes hiding in different places and was full of character. 

'It looks like she would have trouble getting out of the jar but actually her body is not as big as it looks because of her large amount of fur.'

Original Post : 18th February, 2011

1 comment:

Kjelle Bus said...

What a crazy little cat :)

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